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Here is just some of what customers are saying about us.

Sc said :
Thank you very much for your for the quick and professional service. Customer service was outstanding, quick responses to any questions. I am very happy with the price and my frames got delivered a day earlier than expected. Thank you very much Bobby Sorok

Kw said :
I was looking for a better deal on a pair of StarckEyes frames I saw at the mall and found a great deal here. Once the order was confirmed, I received the glasses in two days. Thanks

Robert Y. Feldman said :
The quality of repair and price is outstanding. On one pair of glasses they had to do extensive work which saved the glasses. Its nice to know where to go when you break your glasses.

Addes said :
Had 2 pairs of sun glasses needed repair. Easy to tell OpticsFast the problem, sent them in, gat a quote for the repairs, paid and received my repaired glasses at a very attractive price. Worked as advertised.

[email protected] said :
My vintage Chanel sunglasses have been given a new life thanks to the lens replacement you did for me. They look like new! Thanks so much!!

Nancy Wilfong said :
I am very pleased with the lens replacement that OpticsFast did on my vintage Chanel sunglasses. They look new! The company is very easy to deal with. They Email you a pre-paid shipping label to send your repair in for a free estimate. Then you simply pay and and they get right to work on it. I was very happy to find this company.

Robert Nathan Rodgers said :
great job the price was reasonable, it took awhile because i paid late then they had their transition, but over all ok. Geovanni8723 at live dot com

Veillette, Laurie said :
I received my glasses and I have to say that after all of our back and forth communication, I LOVE THEM. They are perfect on my face and the lenses look great with the transitions. Thank you! Now…since you’ve done such an awesome job….back to the Jimmy Choo 33 star frames….do you ever think that you can get your hands on that frame? If so, you know that you need to contact me. 

Jeff said :
I prefer to wear rimless, very light colored lens sunglasses, which are hard to find so, I am always looking for my next pair of sunglasses. I was able to locate my absolute favorite (past season) Gucci sunglasses at an unheard of price. In fact, I bought 3 pairs due the salespersons willingness to work with me - Becky S. went out of her way to assist. The shipment went out on Tuesday and I received it by Priority Mail on Wednesday. (Luckily, I worked from home that day, as I needed to sign for it.) Thank you very much, Becky you are the best and I will be OpticsFast faithful customer! Warmest regards, Jude

tesa said :
I want to recommend Becky S. as a wonderful support sales person for checking back on my order over and over. She definitely needs a raise or at least some kind of accolade from the company. Over the past several weeks I had waited for my order and when it didnt arrive Becky took charge and had my frame order sent to me. Even when I felt like my order wasnt going to happen Becky pulled through and sent me my tracking number. Shes an excellent example of a customer service sales representative and Im grateful that she was my rep for this sale.

Mary Jane Struck said :
I was not intending to get glasses but received an e-mail one day asking whether I was interested in a pair that is now discontinued. I kept the e-mail and decided to take OpticsFast up on the offer. I worked with Becky S. and can say nothing but good things about my experience. Becky S. is a fantastic rep. All of my questions were answered quickly and I received a very fair price for my glasses. My glasses arrived yesterday and they were better than my original ones. They were exactly what I ordered. Thank you for a great experience!

Kelley Korte said :
: 5Compliment: Thank you so much for repairing my eyeglasses. I was told that they could not be repaired at the optician who wanted to sell me a new pair at the cost of $400 after insurance and it only cost me $60 for you to repair!

AG said :
Great talking to you last week.. thanks for your professional manners, something I dont see much anymore..... the price is very competitive and the scratch coat, anti glare, and smooth edging features included is very nice of you to offer.... I strongly recommend this company for all of us that want style and function in all of our corrective glasses... Thanks Robert Gobron LEED AP Boston MA 02108

Adam said :
The spring in my eyeglass temple broke. After much searching I found OpticsFast on the web. They have online chat and were able to tell me they could repair my glasses and also provided me with an estimate of the repair cost. I sent my glasses to them and received them a couple of days ago. The repair was excellent. They look and feel great!

Trustpilot said :
Bridge repair hardly visible I broke the bridge on my Vera Bradley frames. The repair by OpticFast is hardly visible!

Elizabeth Logan said :
Good Afternoon, I want to thank Dino & Becky S. very much for all your prompt & efficient attention, and the excellent customer service. I have wrote reviews on the two sites listed. I received the Chanel Sunglasses and I am very happy with them. I look forward to speaking with you in the future. Have a nice day, Liz

Jennifer Morris said :
I was able to order my repair easily and the work done was excellent! The only concern I had was communication throughout repair process. I would definitely trust OpticsFast to repair for me again.

Jack Swaney said :
Very thorough !! OpticsFast was excellent at keeping me informed of the process and progress of my order. Apparently there were no local labs in my area that were capable of repairing my glasses that had a value of $250 and were just over a year old

Irene said :
Becky S with Customer Service was super amazing!! I submitted a price match and was matched within minutes! Also she was extremely quick in responding to my emails. Because of Becky I will shop with OpticsFast all the time!! Thank you Becky! You are awesome!!

Herbs said :
That is so nice and sweet of you Becky! But couldnt let you do that. I just wouldnt feel right on something so frivolous when every penny counts. Plus you have a business to run and you cant give away the farm so to speak. But the gesture really touched me... that was very nice! You give me faith in people again :)

TJ Styles said :
This site is very and extremely user friendly. If you know the frame number, it pulls it up right away. I am highly satisfiedwith the ease of use, but most importantly, it hgad the frame that I was looking for that I could not find on any other site.

Sheila robinson said :
Sorry they found it they gave misleading information I must say they are just what I expected and wanted I will continue to do business with you great prices and deals I glad I found this site shipping takes a while but worth the wait

Matos said :
Thank you for my recent Dolce Gabana black sunglasses .I am very pleased.Happy Holidays Opticfast Team

john said :
The company was great with communication and I am very glad with my glasses. They fixed it with a low cost and a great company like this should be recommended to everyone. Thank you again!

John said :
Your staff repaired my pair and did a great job....thanks but I do not need the frames you located...jb

Testyes said :
Very impressed with your company. I had forgotten that I had inquired about some glasses a while ago, but you knew I was trying to find a specific pair of glasses that were out of stock, then you contacted me to say you found them .....wrong color, but found out you do repairs, and I am sending my glasses to be repaired...hopefully you can fix them, because my optomitrist said they couldnt and I had actually given up hope. FIngers crossed you can fix them!

Tester said :
Excellent service Although it took a long time for me to receive my shipping order they did explain they had to source my glasses from Italy. I was happy to wait as I love the style and know they suited me. Communication was quick and responses were received almost immediately.

Gino said :
I went to this site because of the competent message left on my phone by Gino, which I called, and he gave me confident and accurate instructions, which I completed...I hope the repair and return of my frames will be of the same quality, Thanks

joy jaeger said :
Great first experience with Found a hard to find pair of sunglasses and they matched the price of a competitor. Customer service responded really quickly and went above and beyond. They shipped the purchase out the next day and with free priority shipping, I will have them in my hands in no time. I am sad to see the bad reviews here. Hopefully they will make things right with those who have experienced their company negatively, but as a consumer I was pleased.

Roy Brown said :
OpticsFast provides a useful, unique service. OpticsFast provides a useful, unique service to anyone who has invested in prescription eyeglasses, or expensive sunglasses, only to find that they have been scratched, a lens has popped out, or a temple hinge is bent or broken

Ted Ray said :
Very happy with OpticsFast.coms repair of my very expensive glasses! The glass are rimless, and the temple pieces have no hinges, just a lightweight flexible metal, one of which was broken. The replacement was perfect!! SO glad to have these $800 glasses back in action after leaving them in a drawer for more than a year after being told by my local optical shoppe that the repair would cost more than twice what I paid OpticsFast!

Chris said :
Looks great, easy to navigate, & informative. What more could a user want?

Addreff said :
item shipped timely, arrived on time and is beautiful.

Susan Osterhout said :
Very impressed with site set up and options available. Sending in sunglasses for repair.

James Parrett said :
4Compliment: Your order # is 771335 Your Transaction # is 7514137700 The glasses arrived today (10-08-15) and were repaired to function better than new. Thank You, Jim Parrett Tulsa, OK

Mike said :
Compliment: You guys are the best. My wife and I havent owned any other brand glasses now for over 10 years. We both have 3 pairs of Maui Jims. One of mine are Prescription and I love them. Good Job.

Sue said :
These guys are GREAT. They went out of their way to find a pair of discontinued Versace eyeglasses for me without me even asking! Very happy customer, thanks!

Mary Jo McCulloch said :
My daughters Versace eyeglasses broke at the temple. Tried to get them fixed by the manufacturer, but they dont repair glasses, they only sell them. Took them to a local Optician--couldnt repair them. Went on line to OpticsFast. Their website is terrific, easy to use. Sent the glasses to them, they immediately got back to me with a reasonable quote for repairing the glasses. Within two days, I received a notice that the repaired glasses were being mailed out to me that day. Fabulous service!

Loe said :
hey dino, I received my glasses and I owe you a sincere apology, from all the reviews and complaints that I read about your company, gave me the impression I was never going to see my frames again which I had accepted. but you came through and repaired my frames which is a sentimental item to me because I will never find those frames on the market again. once again I apologize, thank you for your service.

[email protected] said :
it was very easy to get through, your system is efficient and your customer service is fast!

candace said :
I had been looking for a specific frame a couple of years ago. I just got an email that they have one. Very impressive!

Jack Burds said :
When I couldnt find anyone local to fix my glasses, I started to look online. Read some reviews for OpticsFast and decided to give them a try. Their online process was very easy to follow and they were able to give me an estimated quickly. Once I gave authorization to fix my glasses and sent payment, I received notification that payment had been received and they were in queue to be fixed. They sent an email that they had been shipped within about 2 weeks which was the SLA stated on their site. Very pleased with both the ease of the service and quality of work.

Julie said :
Compliment: super good company, hope they fix as fast as they respond

jerri tipton said :
I am totally impressed with your website. You repaired my Vera Bradley sunglasses when I had been told by several sources that they were unrepairable. I will recommend this company to anyone in need of glasses repairs. Thanks so much for all that you did for me. I have given reviews to the two sources you indicated in your e-mail to me.

Poghie said :
I thought the process was very usable and easy to comprehend. I look for ward to the new lenses. Thanks for the follow up as my computer died just as I was about to order.

Joe said :
Great job! Couldnt be a more user friendly site; thank you!

Linda Dallas said :
i had a good experience and wanted to share-linda dallas got my sunglasses today in the mail-all is good

Mrs. Basto said :
Hi, Just wanted to say that Ive received my sunglasses. It was in perfect condition and the courier service was prompt! I will not hesitate to recommend your website to my friends and relatives. A very satisfied customer..., Mrs. Basto

[email protected] said :
: 5Compliment: Nice site! I,m glad i found this site . I didnt know anyone did these kind of repairs so I will tell everyone I know

said :
They are an absolutely beautiful pair of glasses, and would be ok as sunglasses too.

Deb said :
Easy to use. I found a pair of discontinuted frames that I had broken. Since, I have a very specific and expensive Rx, I really didnt want to have to buy new lenses! Very happy!!

Don said :
Your email response team is excellent. Crystal and Pete made me feel confident OPTICFAST could get the job done professionally. Thank you for your services.

Linda said :
I do want to say that the customer service at OpticsFast has been excellent. Thank you so much. Linda L. Linford

[email protected] said :
”I was 100% satisfied with the service received from OpticsFast and then some. I have a very expensive pair of Chanal sunglasses, in which I had prescription lenses placed. So I had about $500.00 invested in these glasses. My glasses had a metal frame which broke. I was directed to call Luxottica by Saks Fifth Avenue, where I purchased these sunglasses, as they told me that Luxottica is now the manufacture of Chanal sunglasses. I was informed when I callled Luxottica, that they do not do any soldering on metal frames, which was what was required to repair my frames. I then checked with OpticsFast, and was very pleased to learn that they do this type of repair, but I wasnt sure if they would be able to repair these glasses. I sent them in, and within 72 hours after they received them, I received an e-mail as promised, with an estimate to repair my glasses. I them paid the amount quoted, and was promised my glasses would be repaired, and shipped within 72 hours, and to my delight, they were. I received my glasses 2 days ago, only 3 days after they were shipped. The repair was almost unnoticeable, and doesnt show at all from the front of the glasses. They also tightened all screws, and cleaned them. This repair only cost $60.00, a small amount to pay to save a $500.00 pair of glasses. I am thrilled with the service and repair I received, and will use this company exclusively in the future. I highly recommend them for all eyeglass repair. They do exceptional work, and fast!”

Ihor Pona said :
I am that cantankerous old guy that drives all sales personnel up the wall. I am high maintenance and cautious as hell in this digital age. However, I have to say that the people I dealt with at OpticsFast have won me over and I would like to take this opportunity to simply say thank you, thank you, thank you, for not simply telling me to go to h*ll but taking the time to speak with me, literally, over a period of many weeks in order to get my order filled. In todays world, there is a lack of true and sincere service. I would recommend this company highly and would order from them again and again, and again.

Mark Qu said :
I got them and they are perfect!:) You also have the best online chat support Ive ever experienced, ever. Competent, effective...everything that outsourced is not. What a relief! I get more personal attention 2500 miles away from OpticsFast than I do a mile away at one of those chain eyeglasses stores, stores where we dont carry that, that cant be done, and so on comprise a distinct part of their uber-lame lingo. Stellar experience, all around.. -Mark Qu

Ron said :
I do want to pass along that I was very satisfied with the work performed by the team at OpticsFast. I would enthusiastically recommend OpticsFast service to others.

stremcha said :
The order started out rocky as the frame i ordered was discontinued. However, the customer service, price matching policy allowed me to get a higher quality frame for the same price. i would recommend this company. frames were authentic.

S. Sorensen said :
This has got to be the very best customer service I have experienced in a very long time (and I am almost OLD!)

Jen said : is wonderful.... I had lost my favorite pair of sunglasses and was unable to find them anywhere else. Not only is their selection excellent, but customer service was phenomenal- pleasant, efficient, and kind. I will definitely be using them for all of my sunglass needs in the future!

Chris said :
they were very fast, well-priced, did a great job, and have excellent customer service. ill gladly do business with them again

Fernando said :
OpticsFast did a great job with my order. Throughout the process, I had three different inquiries, which were responded in outstanding time and form, both through email and Live chat. Their shades assortment is spectacular and super well-priced. I would definitely recommend OpticsFast as THE choice for purchasing sunglasses online, and also would definitely do business with them again

Ddb Munn said :
i had a great respones with online service and phone order as well

Tara said :
I ordered oakley sunglasses for my husbands birthday. My order was processed and shipped in a timely manner. I received my glasses in a week and it was exactly what I ordered. The best part was that they were considerably cheaper than anywhere else I looked. I would recommend to everyone

Paul said :
Great customer service. I sent in my damaged Polarized sunglasses. Opticsfast replaced the lenses and sent them back to me. Effortless on my part.

Megan said :
I sent my Gucci sunglasses in for repair after the arm broke off. I just received them and they are better than when I first bought them! The customer service team was always very responsive. Thank you so much!!!

Jennifer said :
I was able to find a pair of sunglasses just like the ones I had lost, and they were very simple to locate on the site. Also, I called customer service to verify that they are the same ones, and the lady who helped me was great and placed the order for me. Thank you!

Sonia G said :
Thank you again on my new frames, i love them and i got helped really fast! i would order from you guys again! sonia g

Charles said :
”I would like to thank those at OpticsFast for thier great work and speedy service as well as the great customer service that provided during this repair. They saved me the cost of buying a new pair of glasses. The repair looks great and I have no complaints what so ever. If I need glasses repaired or someone else who needs a repair, I know where to direct them to. Becky you and your staff are great and provided me with all trust to send my glasses through the mail for repair. Thank you.” Warm regards,

Raphael said :
Where do I start....From their price match policy to their customer service to their prices on their designer sunglasses, I cant find any reason what so ever to give less than 5 stars to this company. They know what the meaning of "customer satisfaction" is. Although I couldnt find the sunglasses I was looking for (Diesel Sister Yes 2), Becky was very patient with me, showed me what they had in stock and told me that shed be able to get them overseas. Even though I hadnt purchased a pair of them, Im very surprised to see how she tried so hard to help me achieve a pair of the discontinued model. Phenomenal, no other way to describe it, and I now know where to go get sunglasses. Thank you and thank you Becky!

Joan said :
Your site is easy to use. It provides clear and effecient directive to process a repair request. I will certainly recommend this site to friends and family. Looking forward to see if the repair I have requested can be completed.

Capt G said :
: I am glad to find a company that specializes in plastic repair. You sight is the most informative and helpful sight on the internet for eyeglass repair

Shannon said :
I just want to send you a thank you email that you where able to fix my lovely glasses. I thought they where going to the trash but they ended up going back on my face.

Alison said :
I cant even being to thank you for the work you did on my dior sunglases. They look great. Its like you cant even tell the lenses where totally replaced. I will only use you for any repair needs I ever have with glasses. I also just saw you sell many brands of eyewear I am going to consider shopping for new sunnies also.

Norman said :
I am a 79 year old man with a fixed budget. I tend to buy glasses and wear them for a very long time and take very good care of them. But it happened and my glasses fell on the floor and the lense was cracked. I am not the type of person who likes to spent money on new things that I know can be fixed. Thanks so much for repairing my lovely frame in such a quick turnaround time. 3 Cheers to you!!

Larissa said :
you fixed my glasses and it came out magnificant. Its just so nice and clean and spotless without that ugly crack. beutiful beutiful job. I am not hard to please but the work is stunning., stellar job!

Linda Tang said :
When i went to the local jewelry store they told me that my titanium frames cant be welded. they told me that I had to get a new frame.. So i went to the local optical store to replace it. but the frame that I had was old and discontinued and nobody had a fresh new one to replace. the lenses where just so expensive I was devestated that I had to buy a new pair with lenses. I thought to myself maybe someone on the internet does titanium welds there had to be someone. and sure enouph it was you.!! thanks so much for your worksmanship and your crafting of my glasses

Kim said :
my chanel glasses where ruined. My dog chewed the arm and then cracked the lenses. I was deepely sadened that i had to go out and buy a new frame. But when I googled sunglasessrepair i found you. Boy o Boy I am glad I did.. You saved me hundreds of dollars and I am forever grateful

Pat Kuhlmann said :
My sunglasses arrived today and it is like having an old friend back. Thank you for a beautiful repair job. I will surely use your services again and recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much.

Anderson said :
your customer service and repair work you did on my frames appears to be impeccable!!

Jason said :
I just wanted to let you know that I received my repaired Prada eyeglasses. I was told locally that these glasses could not be repaired but your lab did a great repair job on them. I also purchased a pair of Prada eyeglass frames which were significantly lower in cost than I could find them locally. Thanks for great service!!!!

Quong said :
your site is great because it offers a variety of solutions for repairing eye-glasses of all types for the inexperienced and those that do not have/make large amounts of money.

Jeniffer said :
I have just received my eye glasses back and was very pleased with the repair work. Id just like to say that I will be recommending your service to all my friends. Thanks for everything.

Barbara said :
Hello I received my repaired sunglasses today. Thank you so much they look great, exactly the same but no scratches. I will definitely use you again.

Frank said :
I cant belive that you where able to fix my a pair of Fendi metal frames . once again thank you & although I plan for lasik I still look forward to doing business w/ you again very soon for this fine job.

Herold said :
Thank you very much for the service that you gave me I greatly appreciate it.I received my glasses today,I m very happy with the repairs that you did to my glasses I thought you would not be able to repair them,as well as you did .I will definitely use you guys again for any repairs or new pair of glasses when I need them again. once again thank you......I will definitely spread the word about you guys to everybody I know....

Kelly said :
Hello Bob, I am writing just to thank you for the excellent job that you did on repairing my eyeglasses. I got them back yesterday in the mail and I was so elated over the fact that you were indeed able to repair them. I am going to refer you to all of my friends just in case they need any repair work done on their eyeglasses. I never knew that surfing the internet would lead me to such a "handy craftsman". Again, you did a wonderful job and much compliments to you on such outstanding work! With kind regards

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