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Information you need to know about Prescription Eyeglasses


Prescription eyeglasses perhaps are one of the many age-old technologies in their pedigree, but in so many ways, they are still the favorite choice for vision correction. While the invention of contact lenses certainly diswayed a great deal of people away from eyeglasses, standard prescription eyeglasses will never become a thing of the past. Designer frame styles proprietary to large designer brand names such as Prada, Dolce and Gabbanna , Gucci, Christian Dior and Verace still continue to persist in being in demand. Twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring these designers release new lines of designer eyeglasses for everyday use. Fashion trends constrantly repeat themselves.

Eyeglasses are no different. Fashion Eyewear designers are constantly looking back in the past to find trends that where popular. They then reengineer something that was once new and exciting for the todays snazzy eyewear wearers. As an exmaple, in 2010 London Fashion Week, exhibited 1980's street style designs with retro eyewear displays such as "geek chic" and "Wayfarers". Other more innovative luxury brand designers exhibited a stylish array of sunglasses that are made from bamboo.

Cartoon Characters who wear Glasess

For young children who are commonly apprehensive and are scared of being called a "dork", "nerd" or "four eyes" , popular fictional personalities such as Spongebob Squarepants & Simpons characters have become role models. We have put together a list of cartoon characters wearing glasses that your kids can relate to. Tell them that "Even Spongebob Squarepants wears glasses, so why should'nt you?"

Eyeglass Frame Materials

Frame Materials used to make eyeglasses have been reinvented. New state of the art plastics along with diverse types of metals. Frames routinely are fabricated from plastic,metal or composites, but can be made from any practicable or feasible material. Over the years we have seen glasses made from Bamboo,alligator leather, sterling silver and even 14 karat gold. Oddly, one thing that has not changed are four basic types of glasses. Full Plastic, Full Metal, Semi Rimless and Full Rimless are legends in the history of eyeglasses designs.

Allegies to Some Glasses Materials

It's not common to have allergies to eyeglasses. When it does happen it can be very difficult to acquire help from your eye doctor as this is not his level of experience. If you know that you have allergies to some specific types of materials, you need to find out from what materials your glasses are made out of prior to ordering. This can be extermely difficult due to the fact that most glasses manufacturers do not specify all of the materials of the makeup of the frame.

If you suspect that you are having allergic reactions to your eyeglasses, you quickly need to document your symptoms. A major sign that you are alergic to your glasses is that your skin becomes irritated in the area that your glasses are touching your skin. Another sign is that you start to see a development of a rash around your eyes, or you start to see various spots around where your eyeglasses touch your skin. Please keep in mind that the symptoms are different for each wearer.

Some people have allergic reactions to a specific material of frames. A common allergy is called nickel allergy. Nickle Allergy causes a small rash on your skin in the area that comes in the contact with the glasses. If you have a nickel allergy, you should attempt to only purchase plastic frames or titanium based frames. Plastic or Titanium eyeglasses are ultimatley the best choice for people with allergic reactions. Stainless steel eyeglasses are also a material of choice for wearers with a nickel allergy.

Another common alergy is one to Silicone. The problem is that all nose pads are made of this material The usual indication that you are alergic to silicone or other specific nose pad allergies,is that your rash is primarily focused around where the pads touch your nose. The solution to this problem is very simple. The nose pads can be replaced with vinyl material. Our repair service can easily replace your silicone pads with the less allergic vinyl. The best possible solution for an alergy to nose pads is to simply search for eyeglasses that do not use nose pads at all. Lots of glasses that are plastic are manufacturered with plastic support for your nose and do not require the use of nose pads.

Other people may have reactions or rashes to the chemical optional coatings that are added to the actual lens of the glasses. A typical sign of this, is regular eye irritation, and numbness on the ears or along the temples. If this begs to be true, you should consider placing orders with no additional coatings. This would require that the lens have no scratch resistant coating and antiglare protection.

Lastly and an option that is very common, is to refrain from wearing eyeglasses and switch to a more intrusive solution of using contact lenses. Contact Lenses will allow the wearer to avoid using frames at all, but this is not a suggestion that is practical for everyone. Using common sense strategies as well as trial and error, will help you find the perfect glasses.

Eyeglass Frame Styles

Eyeglasses have grown to become the number one stylish accessory among fans of high end designer merchandise. They are more popular then handbags and shoes , and customers change their frames sometimes yearly to live up to the current fashion trends They mix and match colors of eyeglasses to match their wardrobe and at times buy multiple of the same style in many colors and pop their prescription lens in and out of them. Today's styles include multi colored configurations as well as large designer logos' topped with enhancements of swarovsky crystals or other precious stones. Some jewlers even go as far as securing an expensive diamond in the corner of the lens , to give it a bling factor.

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